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Congratulations and a hearty welcome to the exclusive ranks of the Grooming More community. Your commitment to embarking on this 150-day journey is the first step towards achieving the beard of your dreams!

Your 150-Day Blueprint to Beard Brilliance

The clock is ticking and your beard transformation is about to take off. Get ready to nurture, sculpt, and showcase a beard that's uniquely yours.

Our Money-Back Guarantee: Your Satisfaction, Assured

We stand behind our promise. If you're not seeing the growth and transformation you expected, rest assured, our 150-day money-back guarantee has got you covered.

Set Your Sights High: Goals to Strive For

You're not just growing a beard; you're crafting a masterpiece. With our resources and your new routine, you'll be grooming with confidence, all the way to a stunning result.

Prizes Await: The Journey is Rewarding

As you progress, keep your eyes peeled for grand prizes, exclusive discounts, and the chance to be featured within the Grooming More community. Your efforts will not go unnoticed!

The Beard Growth Kit + Beard Boost 150 Days Supply

Combine the serum with the beard roller for optimal beard growth conditions.

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Rules and Guidelines

Stay Consistent

Regular use of your Grooming More kit is your path to success.

Capture the Moments

Document your journey with progress photos and share your story.

Spread the Word

Use the hashtag #groomingmore150daychallenge and shine on social media.

Privacy First

We respect your data. You're in control of what you share.


Support and inspire your fellow beard growers.

Monthly Checkpoints

Update us and the community on your beard's achievements.

The Final Countdown

Complete the challenge for a chance to win grand prizes and a personalized Grooming Mastery Certificate.

Get Ready to Reveal in Your Beard’s Evolution

Your determination will soon manifest in a glorious beard that’s as full and stylish as you envisioned. Remember, we’re here every step of the way.

Grand Prize

By joining the challenge, you're not only embarking on a transformative beard journey but also gaining the chance to win incredible prizes! Here's what you could snag:

  • One Year of VIP Membership: Immerse yourself in a premium grooming experience, valued at $380.80.

  • Free Style or Maintenance Kit of Your Choice: Personalize your grooming arsenal. Select a kit worth upto $79.

Winners will be chosen based on visible beard transformation, active participation, and commitment to the challenge rules. Let the growth begin!

You’re Not Alone: Hear from Our Victorious Veterans

Connect with fellow challengers like Jake, Ethan, and Taylor who have emerged victorious through this remarkable grooming escapade. Their success stories are a sneak peek into your future!

  • Andrew

    Verified Buyer

    “I had a bald spot area on my cheek and upper neck that i wanted to get fix. Very happy with the results on only a months!”

  • Austin

    Verified Buyer

    “Shipped quickly, highly recommend. Everything feels great, seeing progress as well (as you can see in these pictures.)”

  • Marco

    Verified Buyer

    “I struggle with Alopecia Barbae and was never able to fix these weird bald spots on my chin. Thankfully, this did the trick! I seriously cannot express how happy I am!”

  • Juan

    Verified Buyer

    “Thinning hair is something I was struggling with for years. The new picture in only 4 weeks in and you can see how it’s getting thicker on top. Very happy to see this”

Jake’s Journey to a Fuller Beard

Verified Buyer

"Grooming More's beard growth kit exceeded my expectations! In just a few months, I noticed significant growth and thickness. Now, I confidently flaunt a fuller beard that I never thought was possible. Thank you, Grooming More!"

Ethan’s Grooming More Cofidence Boost

Verified Buyer

"Grooming More not only transformed my beard but also boosted my confidence. The maintenance kit is a game-changer! My beard looks healthier, feels softer, and the compliments keep coming. I highly recommend it!"

Taylor’s Stylish Beard Makeover

Verified Buyer

"Grooming More's beard growth kit has been a game-changer for me! As a guy who loves experimenting with style, the styling tools in the kit made a huge difference. Now, I'm rocking a stylish beard that reflects my personality. Grooming More has become an essential part of my grooming routine!"


Verified Buyer

“Thinning hair is something I was struggling with for years. The new picture in only 4 weeks in and you can see how it’s getting thicker on top. Very happy to see this”

Education Hub: Sharpen Your Grooming Skills

Dive into our visually appealing infographics on Instagram, breaking down complex grooming concepts into easy-to-follow graphics. Learn about the anatomy of a beard, growth phases, and the role of key ingredients in our products.


    The Beard Growth Cycle: What You Need to Know


    The Beard Growth Cycle: What You Need to Know


    The Beard Growth Cycle: What You Need to Know


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Questions? We’ve got the answers. Whether it’s product usage or sharing progress, our FAQ section is here to help.

You’re Set: Now Take Action!

Your grooming voyage has officially begun. Let’s make every day count towards a better beard, and a better you.

Here’s to 150 days of growth, camaraderie, and the unbeatable feeling of achieving something extraordinary. Let’s get grooming!