The Beard Roller

The Beard Roller

Stimulate hair growth, activates sleeping follicles and increases blood circulation.

“Game changing, highly highly highly recommend”

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The Beard Roller is your champion for stimulating hair growth and enhancing serum absorption. Designed with precision, its microneedles gently encourage circulation, awakening dormant follicles to initiate growth.


  • Innovatively designed to increase blood flow to the beard area

  • Maximizes the efficacy of topical serums for premium results

  • Easy and safe for regular use, becoming a staple in your grooming arsenal


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Activate Follicles, Boost Circulation, Maximize Serum Absorption

Unlock the potential of The Beard Roller, a precision-crafted tool featuring a metal handle with rubber-resist technology and a head of 540 titanium needles. This innovative derma roller creates micro-injuries, activating dormant hair follicles and leveraging the body's natural healing process.

Versatile for use on your beard, mustache, or scalp, it enhances The Activator's absorption, promoting robust beard growth and combating patchy issues. Elevate your facial hair journey with The Beard Roller's targeted micro-needling for revitalized results.


How to use The Beard Roller?

The use is simple but requires some precautions.It is important to clean your beard and skin before use and to disinfect your Roller before and after.

Note: The Roller is personal and should never be shared.

  • Rinse and wash your beard
  • Dry your beard
  • Disinfect your Roller with our disinfectant
  • Roll the Roller on your skin and beard 10 times horizontally and vertically with light pressure
  • Apply the Serum to your beard
  • Repeat this operation twice a week
  • Disinfect your Roller© again

Customer reviews


Verified Buyer

“I had a bald spot area on my cheek and upper neck that I wanted to get fix. Very happy with the results in only a months!"


Verified Buyer

"Shipped quickly, highly recommend. Everything feels great, seeing progress as well (as you can see in these pictures.)"


Verified Buyer

"I struggle with Alopecia Barbae and was never able to fix these weird bald spots on my chin. Thankfully, this did the trick! I seriously cannot express how happy I am!"


Verified Buyer

"Thinning hair is something I was struggling with for years. The new picture is only 4 weeks in and you can see how it's getting thicker on top. Very happy to see this"

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Beard Roller aid in beard growth?

The Beard Roller uses micro-needles to create tiny punctures in the skin, which can help stimulate blood flow and increase collagen production, thereby promoting hair growth.

How often should I use the Beard Roller?

We recommend using the Beard Roller once or twice a week, allowing time for your skin to recover between sessions.

Where are you located?

We're proud to say that we have 5 locations/facilities in the United States (California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Kentucky and Nevada)

Does it matter if I shave while using The Beard Growth Kit?

Great news! It doesn't matter if you shave before, during or especially after using The Beard Growth Kit. You can happily shave or watch your new facial hair come in while enjoying the hair you already have. Results will stay the same!

Is the Beard Roller painful to use?

The Beard Roller is designed to be minimally invasive. While some might feel a slight tingling, it should not be painful. If you experience pain, you may be applying too much pressure.

How do I clean the Beard Roller?

After each use, rinse the roller under warm running water, then apply our Sanitizer to disinfect the roller before letting it air dry and storing it in its protective case.