The Growth Guarantee

Grow a better beard or your money back!

Everything you need to know about the Growth Guarantee is located right here.

Growing a beard is a process. Beard growth may differ from person to person, as some react more effectively to the active ingredients, while others are slower gainers.

If you have used our products as recommended for 150 days, you are eligible for our Growth Guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Beard Growth Kit on my head?

We have seen many scenarios where our customers have used The Beard Growth Kit for hair growth on the scalp as well. The all-natural ingredients in the Activator Serum have been scientifically proven to increase hair growth. Therefore, The Beard Roller and Activator Serum can work on your scalp!

I have very little facial hair. Can I still use this?

Absolutely. Most of our customers have little to no facial at all when starting. The results from The Beard Growth Kit will continue to produce no matter where you are in your beard journey!

Where are you located?

We're proud to say that we have 5 locations/facilities in the United States (California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Kentucky and Nevada)

Does it matter if I shave while using The Beard Growth Kit?

Great news! It doesn't matter if you shave before, during or especially after using The Beard Growth Kit. You can happily shave or watch your new facial hair come in while enjoying the hair you already have. Results will stay the same!

Are there any side effects or allergens?

No side effects or allergens have been detected. All products are safe to use and approved by our cosmetic science team.

How can I contact support?

If you have any questions:

💻 Send us an email at

🖥 Or check out our Facebook page — the answer might be there already!