Shampoo & Conditioner Bundle

The complete beard care package to rejuvenate and restore with every wash.

"Snagged this deal and what a find! Both are of superb quality; they leave my beard feeling squeaky clean and silky!" - Nathan P verified

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Indulge in a cleansing and conditioning experience that's tailored for the discerning gentleman with the Shampoo and Conditioner Bundle. Keep your beard pristine, soft, and ready for the spotlight.

🚿 Shampoo: Begin the grooming ritual with the cleansing caress of our Captain's Coconut Shampoo. It washes away the day's grit without stripping essential moisture, leaving your beard refreshed and scented with an invigorating tropical aroma.

💆‍♂️ Conditioner: Follow with the Captain's Coconut Conditioner to lock in moisture and smooth out tangles. Its enriching formula with Broccoli Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil imparts a silky softness that will make running your fingers through your beard a decadent experience.


  • Enjoy a deep clean that maintains your beard's natural oils

  • Experience a conditioner that detangles and leaves a luscious softness

  • Revel in the tropical scent that adds an extra dimension to your grooming

  • Transform your beard care into a session of indulgence


"Your facial skin, especially when adorned with facial hair, deserves proper care. If you take grooming seriously, Grooming More provides the comfort and care your face deserves."

"Your facial skin, especially when adorned with facial hair, deserves proper care. If you take grooming seriously, Grooming More provides the comfort and care your face deserves."


The Only Beard Shampoo You’ll Ever Need!

The Captain’s Coconut Shampoo is specifically formulated to help you achieve a magnificent beard.

Devoid of sulfates, parabens, and other detrimental substances for your beard, the shampoo is packed with high-quality ingredients and serves as the ideal nourishment for your beard.


Our Beard Shampoo

Experience the power of nature with our Captain’s Coconut Shampoo. Crafted with a unique blend of organic ingredients, our shampoo is designed to nourish, cleanse, and rejuvenate your beard, giving it a healthy and lustrous look.

Our beard shampoo not only cleanses your beard but also maintains its health and shine. Infused with natural oils, it hydrates your beard, keeping it soft and manageable. It’s gentle enough for daily use, yet powerful enough to handle the toughest beards.


Hydrate & Nourish

Grooming More’s Organic Beard Conditioner has been formulated to help soften, soothe & hydrate facial hair. Your facial hair will feel moisturized with a distinct scent that sets you up for the day ahead. To be used once or twice a week after washing with Captain’s Coconut Shampoo.


Unleash the Power of Beard Conditioner

Beard conditioner is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity for any serious beard-grower. Our specially formulated conditioner softens and tames your beard, reducing itchiness and creating a healthy shine.

Regular use can result in a fuller, more manageable beard that feels as good as it looks. Don’t let your beard go untamed - give it the care it deserves with our top-quality beard conditioner.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your Beard Deserves the Best

We believe in the quality of our Captain’s Coconut Shampoo and we know you will too. That’s why we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results, we’re committed to making it right. Because your beard deserves nothing but the best. Try our shampoo today and join our community of satisfied beardsmen.


How to use Captain’s Coconut Shampoo?

Wet your beard with warm water before applying the shampoo.

Squeeze a small amount of beard shampoo into your palm and work it into a lather. Then, apply it to your beard.

Use your fingertips to massage the shampoo into your beard, making sure to reach the roots of the hair. Ensure you massage the shampoo right down to the skin.

Rinse your beard thoroughly with warm water, making sure you remove all traces of shampoo.

After drying, apply a beard oil or conditioner to keep your beard soft and manageable.


How to use Captain’s Coconut Conditioner?

Begin the conditioning process by first cleansing your beard with Captain’s Coconut Shampoo. After thoroughly rinsing the shampoo from your beard, gently squeeze out any excess water.

Proceed to distribute the conditioner throughout your beard, paying special attention to the tips for additional nourishment.

Allow the conditioner to penetrate for about 2 to 3 minutes before rinsing it off completely.

For the best results, use our beard conditioner regularly. Embrace the change and feel the difference!


The Beard Maintenance Kit

The Beard Maintenance Kit is our most comprehensive gift set for beard growers. Complete with all the essential products required to hydrate, condition and maintain the beard.



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